Eating local at Grassroof

Grassroof lunchtime  there is nothing better than to enjoy a steaming cup of Chai latte on a rainy day. a delicious and creamy salmon pasta, garnished with parmesan shavings savoury pancake served with a fresh summer salad


LUNCHTIME EATING at WOOLWORTHS Woolies seldom disappoint. New favorite and seriously good. Corn and cheese waffle & avo, mayo and chicken sandwich  #delicious #foodie #lunchtime Corn and cheese waffle served with exotic cherry tomatoes, avo, a poached egg,...

Mushroom pasta

MUSHROOM PASTA When your better half makes yummy food…creamy mushroom pasta served with a touch of chutney  

Sushi Heaven

There is always time for sushi and selfies at John Dorys Fish, Grill, Sushi. – Walmer Park shopping centre (Port Elizabeth, SA)