My mom recently celebrated her birthday and I just couldn’t give up the chance to decorate a special table for her. As you may or may not know my go to colours for tablecloths are, white or some shade of beige. For this table I had some good quality leftover wrapping paper (you can purchase these on rolls at most craft stores).

Roll out the wrapping paper to length of your table to serve as a runner.  This is also a great way save on money as you do need to purchase a new runner every time you decide to decorate. You can simply roll some out and throw it away afterwards. I also like to use tissue paper if I can get my hands on a design I like.

I had some yellow roses that were past their use by date which I decided to throw on the table to add some texture and colour.

The under plates were plastic gold plates and I tied a yellow ribbon around the glasses for extra detail. I always like to place some sort of treat in the plate and my go-to is normally a Lindt chocolate ball ad I have done here.

The centerpiece

I used an old cup and saucer (you can use any jar, pot or glass you have) and filled it with anything I could find in our garden. In this case I placed a succulent in the cup and surrounded it with golden crest off-cuts. Around the cup I placed bougainvillea off cuts, 4 golden ball candles and some potpourri.


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