If you’re planning to do a blue table this year, this picture might inspire you or give you some new ideas.

For the plate setting:

I used a silver/grey paper place setting along with a silver under plate to accentuate the white plates.

I happen to have blue glasses for this Christmas table, but normal see through ones will work just as well. Decorate the glass with your choice of silver serviettes.

I like to place a gift, chocolate or any surprise in the centre of the plate for the guests to look forward to. In this picture I used a pair of white socks (to use instead of small Christmas stockings so that the guests can actually use them) and stuck a few festive stickers on them. Fill them with anything you like (I used assorted chocolates) and seal them with a festive blue ribbon. I added a decorative peg as well.

For the centre piece:

As there is already a lot of blue on the table, focus more on something white. I used a white Christmas wreath (ring) made with intertwined wooden sticks. If you cannot find something white, try and find something silver. I placed one of my favourite Christmas ornaments in the middle (its Christmas so this piece does not necessarily have to abide by the colour scheme, but if you have something blue, white or silver, you can certainly use that).

For the rest of the table:

Buy a few Christmas decorative balls (you can always hang them on the tree afterwards or decorate a large bowl with it to make it look like apples) to scatter on the rest of your table for colour. You can even use different sizes if you’d like. Finish the table off with the blue Lindt chocolate balls and small blue decorative stones if you come across it.


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